Disabling Edit functions in program menu


I would like to know how to disable the edit buttons at the bottom of the program screen, as we have had some instances of accidental moving of lines and other problems in the program due to the buttons being always enabled. One wrong press of a button and a line is moved, a function added etc. Anybody know a way to disable these buttons?

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You can’t disable individual buttons. If you set the robot to “Remote” mode, then all of the program editing is locked out. This prevents operators from accidentally (or intentionally) messing with the program. If you’re saying the issue is while actively programming, I would say you just need to be careful and pay attention to what you’re doing. If this is something you need, I would submit it as a feature request here on the forum.

Alternatively, I’ve seen people 3D print a small outline of the pendant and lay it on top as a means of providing a sort of tactile feedback on the move screen. So everything is raised up, but they left little cutouts where the jog keys are. I suppose you could 3D print a similar overlay and just block the buttons on the bottom.

Will try remote mode then. Thanks

Probably functionally the same as switching to “Remote” mode, we toggle between Automatic and Manual modes. Automatic mode doesn’t let the operator see or modify the Program or Installation tabs. Needs a password to get to Manual mode.

Only drawback we find is that if the operator needs to change fingers on the gripper, they can’t get to the OnRobot URCap to adjust settings. We either have to give the operator the password to switch to Manual, or they have to call us to change the settings (which we can do via VNC).