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How to interface with an injection molding machine using IMMI


Excerpt from the above blog post.

Created: November 1st, 2019.

*The e-Series IMMI is compatible with the following e-Series robot serial numbers, and higher, which has the new SCB F2:

UR3e 20205300377
UR5e 20205500828
UR10e 20205000796
UR16e 20205600055

If your robot has a SN older than the ones above, you need to exchange your Safety Control Board to a SCB F2 to be able to implement the new e-series IMMI.

SPI AN-116 & SPI AN-146 - US standards equivalent to Euromap 12 and 67

Euromap = European Plastics and Rubber Machinery
SPI = Society of the Plastics Industry (USA)
IMM = Injection Molding Machines
E67 = Euromap 67 interface