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How to install a .deb file when insert the U-disk

Hello everyone:
For several day now, I want to install a vnc-server in the ur-robots.
I have a file named “urmagic_vnc_server_install.sh”:

basepath=$(cd dirname $0; pwd)
echo “! USB !” | DISPLAY=:0 aosd_cat -R red -x 230 -y -210 -n “Arial Black 80”
/usr/bin/dpkg --install $basepath/VNC-Server.deb >> /dev/null
echo “<- USB” | DISPLAY=:0 aosd_cat -x 200 -y -210 -n "Arial Black 80"
exit 0;

But when I insert th U-disk in th robot, the line "/usr/bin/dpkg --install $basepath/VNC-Server.deb" works error.
And when I use the ssh to run "sh urmagic_vnc_server_install.sh",the line works fine.
Who can help me ?
Thank you!


Something like that I think:

for FILE in `find $MOUNTPOINT/package/ -name *.deb`; do
  log "Package trouve : $FILE"

su -c "dpkg -i $MOUNTPOINT/package/*.deb"

Try this:



I have updated the VNC package provided by sysaxes. There seems to be 2 packages missing. I have included it and added some readme file.URMagic_VNC_Installation_V1.zip (1.7 MB)

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Do you know something about the warranty is void of an UR-Robot when this Software is gonna be installed?

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