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Error to launch install.sh

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to create a URCap by following the video tutorials on the Universal Robots website.
I have installed the StarterPackage 1.12 downloaded from Universal Robots on VMWare 16.
When I run the ./install.sh to install URCap SDK and urtool3 cross-compiler toolchain the installation fails when it starts extracting and installing urtool3.
I tried to forcibly install the urtool3 but that didn’t solve my problem.
I tried running the ./install.sh as a super user and couldn’t get any results.
Can you give me advice?

Because when I go to run the ./newURCap.sh I am not presented with any API version.

Thanks for your help.
Andrea Ussia


Please execute the following command.

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dpkg/lock*

After this, please execute install.sh again.

I tried as you suggested but it didn’t work