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How to define parameters from an URCap to the built-in nodes without the sub tree formation?

Hello all,

I am sending parameters from the URCap to the built in program nodes like movej.
The move nodes also follows the given values while moving.
I know it is possible to achieve this with the help of parent child relationship.
How to implement this without making the movej the child of the URCap? (without the sub tree formation, like an independent node).

Thank you, in advance.

what you basically need is the object reference of the MoveNode which means you need the RootTree reference of the Robot Program itself which is not intended and not possible through the URCap API as a URCap itself only has the ability to modify any program Nodes that are inserted as a child (and therefore having the object reference).

What is your task? maybe there’s a simpler solution instead outside-of-urcap-manipulation

Thank you for your response.

The task is to enter the parameters in the URCap.
The move nodes also follows the parameters which are entered in the URCap. The move nodes must be independant. Not as a child node to the URCap.

which parameters do you check while moving to the waypoint which should be independent from your urcap? If you don’t need access to the waypoint parameters (speed, blend, target pose, etc.) it should be working with a thread which you can start from your urcap e.g. a thread that is waiting for an IO and halts the program (pausing doesn’t work inside threads directly, you need a bypass e.g. IO bridge that sets an output which is configured to 'pause program‘)

In what way are the waypoints controlled? Which parameters do you like to change while moving? If its not the pose it should be possible. note that only one (main) thread has the ability to move the robot

The parameters entered from the URCap are not related to the waypoints at all.
Is it impossible to access the speed parameter?

Check This thread. @ajp‘s answer should adress your issue :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help.
I will try the thread option to solve my problem.
I will also check the post related to the move speed.

In addition to that, i was wondering which command to use to set the output to pause the program inside a thread. So far i am using the pop up to stop the program.

there is no direct command to pause the program but what you can do is to connect to the dashboard server and send a pause command e.g.

global sock = socket_open(“”,29999)


Thanks a million.
Have a good day.