How to control inputs in URSim

I wonder how I can control digital inputs in URSim.
I would like to control the digital inputs for the purpose of complete simulation.

Do you have an idea?

Hm someone else may have a better answer, but you could use the I/O tab on the top ribbon and manually press the toggle box in the digital inputs.

Only issue I see here is if you have it trigger a popup and need the button to close it. You will manually have to press “continue” on the popup as it is the “active/focused window” so this may cause a hiccup during your testing. Also add a WAIT function right after the section of code that checks the input (so you have time to switch back to the PROGRAM or MOVE tab).

Again there might be others in the URcommunity with a better solution but hope this helps, and best of luck!

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The “simulation” switch on the bottom right hand corner of the teach pendant screen allows you to toggle digital inputs from the IO tab.

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I have a problem related to this and I was wondering if anyone can help me here.

I’m trying to monitor the status of digital inputs using RTDE (actual_digital_input_bits) but even after turning ON Simulation and checking any input, the value retrieved from actual_digital_input_bits does not change.


I can correctly retrieve the value of actual_TCP_pose but actual_digital_input_bits remains 0;