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How do I change the starting pose of a UR5e in URSim

As the title says, is it possible for me to set a different starting pose of a UR5e robot in URSim 5.10? I would like it to start at the home pose.

The first waypoint in your program is the starting pose.

If you want the starting pose to be used only when first starting the robot, you can put a move in the before start sequence, so it is not a part of the looping main program.

Thanks for the reply. I realise I poorly worded my question, what I meant to ask is “How can I set the robot configuration on URSim boot?”

I would like to be able to turn URSim on, and have the robot at my Home pose, rather than its current default. I haven’t been able to achieve this so far.

The script command can be used to set the robot or URSim to a specified position when in simulation mode.


see the script manual for details.

This is for when it isn’t in simulation mode. To clarify, I want to use URSim with ROS, and I want the robot to boot up in the home position. This is one, the same as using a real robot, two, much more convenient, and three, important as my safety plane configuration prevents the robot from being able to automatically plan from its starting pose to its home pose, requiring it to be manually moved.

If this is not a feature, it shouod really be added. Ie it starts from the home pose, pose it shut down with, or some pose defined in a file that can be modified by the user