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Start a homing from urscript


I would like to start a homing or a safe homing with the urscript.

The robot is controlled by an external application who sent his orders by a modbus protocol.

But I don’t find a function in the urscript. It’s possible to do that or not ?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @thierry.beboux,

There is no automatic built-in homing procedure in the Polyscope. But you can create BeforeStart Sequence or separate program (changed from Dashboard Server) to execute followings:

  1. Check actual TCP position of the robot
  2. Calculate how to safely move to Home position (firstly above surface, where collision is impossible)
  3. Perform movement to defined home (you can set it in the Installation)

You may find this UR Academy video useful:

Prevent collision after program stop with a “Before Start Sequence”