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How can i use the html element about select and img?

This is my code .I write this reference to urcap_tutorial.pdf,but i can not get the effect.

Check out this post regarding select, and this topic regarding showing images.

sorry,i have tried a lot of times,but i can not put image into ur correctly.Is there any problems about the following code:,,

.And i have imported .it drives me mad,please help me ,thank you.

It seems you have some discrepancy between the ID´s. photo vs. image
The ID’s should be equal.

sorry,i have cut the wrong figure.,,


The path needs to point to where you have placed the image inside the resources folder in the URCap project.
Is the path /com/ur/urcap/examples/helloworld/impl/ the correct relative path from the resources folder?

The path is right,i have programed the code based on the example helloworld.can you give me a project file like helloworld sample that can just show the image?

I have just uploaded a small sample with images and select under the samples topic.