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Was not able to find 'Input' component matching

I tried running my URcap on Polyscope simulation and it happened as shown in the following picture. Even though I checked that the id name in html and Java is matched, it still showed up the error.

Did I do something wrong?
If anyone knows please tell me.

Probably you did something wrong, but it is hard to tell what without the code. Are you sure you loaded the html from resources? Could you paste code snippets here?

Thank you for answering

Here is the code that will open html file.

I don’t know jack about java, but looks to me like the path that you give to getResourceAsStream is different than what you have in reality:

/com/firstURcap/thenewapp/impl/installation.html vs /com.firstURcap.thenewapp.impl/installation.html

Thank you

I have figured it out. It is exactly the path that causes the problem.