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How can I check the version of PolyScope?

There was a bug in PolyScope version 5.4.
So I want to make sure users are using PolyScope 5.5 or higher.

How can I check the version of PolyScope in my code?

Hi zerom,

i use below code to check the PolyScope version installed:

// get PolyScope version
	int majorVersion = apiProvider.getSystemAPI().getSoftwareVersion().getMajorVersion();
	int minorVersion = apiProvider.getSystemAPI().getSoftwareVersion().getMinorVersion();
	int buildNumber = apiProvider.getSystemAPI().getSoftwareVersion().getBuildNumber();
	System.out.println(("Detected Polyscope version: " + majorVersion)+("." + minorVersion)+("." + buildNumber));



@andreas.enhuber Thank you for your help!