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How can i base a point on a plan?

I would like to base a point on a plane, and as that plane moves, the point changes as well.

These are called “Features” in Polyscope and you can find them in the Installation Tab. You can teach a plane, and then moves can select this Feature.


Just be sure to select the feature BEFORE setting the Waypoint, as changing the feature after the point is set will result in a bad time.

Yes, I know that. but I would like to do this in the script, as I will change the plan every cycle, and the only way I have found to create a plan every time is within a script.

You can change the plan programmatically via script by just calling pose_add() or pose_trans() and pass in the feature and however you want to transform it. So for example if every cycle you need your point to shift along the X-axis 100mm, you’d do:


If it helps, there’s nothing special about a Feature. Polyscope just sees it as a pose. So in that guy’s example you linked to, he could just write a seeking script using the force function, and record each offset and pass THOSE into the pose_add()/pose_trans() functions.

Not sure what specifically you’re looking for here. Teaching a point to a feature solves your original question, and this allows it to change the offset per cycle.

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