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Plane variable and how to use it

I am trying to use the get_feature_plane() function from the below link, to define a plane variable that could be used in place of “taught” installation feature.

I was expecting that running the robotics_r1.script after teaching the p1 p2 p3 points, would have generated a plane variable usable as a feature (for example in a MoveJ node) but there is no “feature_plane” option among the selectable features.

The robotics_r1.script returns a variable called “feature_plane” and it looks like a list variable and I don’t know how to use it in a pose_trans function.

This line: movel(pose_trans(feature_plane,p[0,0,0,0,0,0])) should move the robot to the feature_plane’s origin, but it returns an error because the feature_plane variable is a list variable and not a pose variable.

Assuming that the feature_plane variable might be a pose representation with the UR cartesian cordinates structure [x,y,z,Rx,Ry,Rz], I tried to create a pose variable with the same exact values p[x,y,z,Rx,Ry,Rz], but that didn’t work either.

How should I use the feature_plane vairable resulting from the script to go from the Home position of the robot to the feature_plane’s origin and then move from there to a another position, like for example X=100 Y=0 Z=100?

Moreover, could you please confirm that if I teach the 3 points needed for the plane p1 (origin) p2 (x+ axis) p3 (y+ axis) using the freedrive() function, the resulting feature_plane will retain the tcp orientation as while teaching in p1, p2 and p3?

Thank you very much for helping me solving this matter.

To the moderators: I have posted this topic in the technical question section, but maybe this is the more appropriate place.
Seems that I can’t change tag in my older post neither delete it.