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Hot to install URSim 5.10 on Ubtuntu 16.04 LTS

In case someone would like to install the latest URSim 5.10 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: I just installed it and created instructions what I needed to do to succeed:


If you have further additons or if you have a guide for a newer Ubuntu version feel free to create a pull request.


Worked great, thanks for your contribution to the community!

Mine got hung up on a missing libxmlrpc package, but I went into the installer and gave it the new package name. I think it was libxmlrpc-c++8-dev for Ubuntu 16.04.

Hello! Is there a guide for Ubuntu 18.04? I have got the following error after “./install.sh” command:

Checking java version
version 11.0.11
Installed java version is too old, exiting