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Getting real time date

Yesterday I have spent like few hours trying to obtain somehow the date time in to a variable or something. I would start mention that it’s unfair having a Linux operating system and such a nice robot to not being possible to getting that data in to a variable.
I know this is possible using an RPC server, for example I have succeed to do that using a node-red tool listener, but even then, people are talking about a robot in 2021 - please include this fixing in a future update or some free urcap for that. Because even in this way, using an external device or a server we still have to make conversion of epoch time and then convert it back and send, so - I would do it by myself but I have no idea how to do an urcap - and even then i would suggest that should come from your side.


Hi Marius,

take a look at the following sample: URCap - getControllerTime


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