Get a list of created waypoints

I’m working on a URCap that takes in two waypoint arguments: a target waypoint and an offset waypoint. My company is used to Fanuc and we’re able to assign an offset to a position to create approach/retreat points.

I’m on URCap API version 1.14.0 and I can’t find a way to get a list of the created variable waypoints so I can include them in a JComboBox. Any help on how to get that list?

Yeah I don’t know of any way to do that off the top of my head. The API is sort of build around the idea of not being able to interact with other nodes. You sort of have to hack and slash your way to get access to functions that can see the whole program tree. For example, if you create a URCAP node called myNode, and allow it to have children, then you can put all your moves inside that node and call .traverse() on myNode. Then you can hit each node, query if it is a move node, and if it is, check if it’s a variable waypoint, then apply your offset. Possibly. I haven’t actually used the built-in nodes, so I don’t know which properties are exposed through the API.

Hmm, OK. Thanks for the heads up. It does seem a bit limiting, but I’ll see what I can work with.