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Freedrive_mode() and UR Script Timeouts


I am new to UR Scripting and so I welcome a little advice on this topic. I have a UR5 with software version 3.14

I am able to send a script to the Robot in the form:
def myProg():

The robot will normally enter freedrive mode. However, if I don’t move the robot, the mode times out after ~3 seconds. If I move the robot by hand, the freedrive mode stays active until I allow the robot to rest. After ~3 seconds, again the freemode ends.

Equally, if I send the freedrive_mode() command and follow it with end_freedrive_mode(), the freedrive mode still remains active until the 3 second timeout.

Having looked at the log, it appears that once the freedrive mode is received, the robot stops responding to any other requests until after the timeout. So the question is, is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you guys in anticipation.

Better to paste the whole program here. As a notice I have used freedrive-mode() directly in to the program and it stays in free drive continuously until I stop it.

Hi marius.dorobantu,
Actually I have realised I made a silly error (with a little support from the supplier).

I made the assumption that sending the freedrive_mode() command would be held by the controller until the end_freedrive_command() was sent. Thus I created two small programs - one for start and one for ending the freedrive mode.

Of course, as soon as the program ends, the functionality requested within the program also stops. The freedrive mode is not held beyond the program life. Thsu I now plan to use the DI inputs to activate the freedrive mode.

I guess I would need dashboard commands to do what I was attempting but I think there is no available dashboard command.

In any case, Thank you for the response.

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