Freedrive_mode() argument 'a' and 'v' must be positive

Steps to reproduce:
call the script function freedrive_mode(), without any inputs, multiple times in a row without caliing end_freedrive_mode()

Expected Behavior:
would expect the the robot to go into freedrive and stay in freedrive

Actual Behavior:
Crashes with a Error popup saying freedrive_mode: argument ‘a’ and ‘v’ must be positive

Workaround Suggestion:
downgrade to 5.11 or remember to end freedive mode before starting it again.

Robot Serial Number:
in house robot: 20225201500
and two more with unknown serial number out in the field

Affected Version(s):
both version 5.12.1.xxxx and 5.12.2.xxxx seems to have the issue


Hi, I’m seeing the exact same problem, were you able to work around it?


I was able to figure out what the issue is.

This error happens if you continuously send a freedrive _mode() command. The fix for me was to send the command and then basically go into a loop with a wait inside until I want to exit the command or stop the program.



Hello @cg1,


This is an example how it would work. You just start the Freedrive mode and then make a query for the User which says “Freedrive is now active!” or something like this. When the User now presses the “Yes”-button the if-query ends the freedrive mode with “end_freedrive_mode()”

The freedrive is active till you press the button, the programs basiclly waits for your input.

Best regards

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Hi Jorge and Matthias
Thanks for the response, nice to know that the error can be mediated.
I will make the changes suggested, but would still consider it a bug because of the change in behavior between versions, it would at least be nice with a better error popup…

and Again Thanks