Freedrive/Backdrive with 3PE Button

Hello everyone,

we configured the configurable saftey inputs with a 3PE Device on CI0/1 and wired a door safety switch to CI2/3 with Auto-Mode Safeguard Stop. This works as intended.

The most recent manual mentions under sections 18.2 and 19 that with the 3PE Teach Pendant, a sequence of a rapid press followed by release and then hold of the 3PE Button sets the robot in either backdrive or freedrive mode.

Is it possible to use the configured 3PE Button on CI0/1 with the same functionality? We could not make it work regardless how rapid or slow we repeated the sequence, neither from idle nor normal state, in manual mode.

Furthermore, how does the robot determine to go into Freedrive or into Backdrive when the 3PE button sequence is pressed?
I can’t figure that out from the manual.


When using an external 3PE with the standard teach pendant, in order to access freedrive the 3PE needs to be in its safe position, and then the freedrive button on the teach pendant needs to be pressed or another input switch can be assigned to freedrive in the installation.

The double-tap of a 3PE switch for freedrive is only a function when using our own 3PE teach pendant.