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Freedrive switch - hardwired

I’m using a CB3 and want to be able to enable the freedrive with a switch instead of the button to allow 2-handed use in positioning. This would be while programming setting waypoints and poses, not while running a program. Is there any way to do this with a hardware solution? I was hoping to wire up a switch in parallel with the button on the pendant, but can’t find where the wires go.

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Hi @nnaylor,

Theres no need to wire a switch in parallel with the one on the pendant, you can simply wire a switch to an input, then head to the installation file and go to “I/O Setup” and find the input that you wired the switch to, and in the “Action” drop down menu, select “Freedrive”. That input will now act as a secondary freedrive button.

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There is a comand Caller freedrive_mode() which you ca-n enable that mode without presing that Button more. You can use the command with a variable and enable it when you want. More info about the command are in the script manual.
Also this free drive mode can be enabled through modbus or profinet mode.