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Using one point as zero for program - Feature programming

I got a case where I need to be able to make a program that is relative to one set point.

The program is using the palletizing feature to probe a lot of holes in a big plate, and the customer must easy be able to define new plate layouts with the teachpendant.

Our plan is to make a tool to put on the robot, which can be put on one corner of the plate, and then define that as zero. Then make the program by just grabbing the robot, and putting it into the corner holes, and use the normal palletizing function to do the rest.

The reason for the tool to set a point to use as zero, is because the robot is going to be moved around, so it can be put in front of a plate, and then be teached where the corner is, and it will then know where the plate corner is, and then also know where all the holes are.

Is there a way to do that, using only the teachpendant and the functions build in, and not using any scripts?

I reckon what you are referring to is the Features option.
All linear moves (MoveL, MoveP) can be made relative to a feature (coordinate system).
And if the feature is moved, the motions will move accordingly.

The feature will need to be set as Variable in the checkbox.

In its essence, it is merely using pose_trans(feature, offset_from_feature) to calculate the position, as the feature is moved.
And it could just as easy be defined from within a URCap.

But what about the palletizing? I can do the other moves, but the palletizing I cant seem to offset.

The Pallet-function as used by PolyScope cannot be set relative to a feature.
If this is required, the palletizing should be implemented as script (e.g. from a URCap) that could implement the necessary pose_trans() functions, to translate the positions to the new feature.

Is there a way to define a palletizing function, manually with use of pose_trans and reference feature in the polyscope with script commands instead of using URCap.
please suggest a work around if any.

The interpolate_pose() function is the core functionality used in palletizing.
Check out this article on the function itself.
While this article explains the use for lattice (pattern) interpolation, as used in Pallet.

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