At our University we have UR10e and we want to control it completely independent of the teach-pendent (the tablet that came with the co-bot). But the Ewellix LIFTKIT-SLIDEKIT we brought can be controlled only via teach-pendent at the moment. Can anyone suggest on how to control Ewellix LIFTKIT-SLIDEKIT via a python code thorough TCP/IP or any other way, we just wanna avoid using the given tablet.
Thanks in Advance.

Might be a bit of a long shot, but you can insert the commands using the teach pendant, save the program, then insert a Script node. Change the input to File, then select the program you just saved. You should be able to see the script that the CAP was writing. Doing that, you may be able to piece together what script lines equate to what commands, and just write that to the controller however you’d like