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Ethernet/IP with Codesys

I’m trying to make work the ethernet/ip connection on a codesys system. I already correct the eds file as mentioned in another post but it still not working. the configuration indicated in the eip-iomessage.pdf probably is not correct because the error log said error 16#2 that means resource not available (Some resources which where required for the object to perform the requested service were not available)
I’m using a URsim 5.7 right now.
Does anyone have the correct configuration? where can I find the correct EDS for this firmware?

I don’t think you will be able to make it work with the simulator. Unless they have changed something the EIP and Profinet adapters are not running in the simulator. I did have a lot of issues previously getting a Codesys PLC working with a physical robot, we wound up switching to Siemens PLC’s because of the issues we were having and changing to Profinet.

One thing that we have seen with AB running EIP is that the addresses the UR gives in the eip-iomessage.pdf had to be divided by 8 to get to the addresses that were shown in the AB software. That may be the issue we were also having with the Codesys PLC, can’t recall what the issue was just know we never could get it to fully work with the robot and the camera we were using.

I’m using the simulator due to the lockdown here in Italy but I’ll try on the real robot as soon as I can.
The strange thing is that I saw a CIP communicatin on Wireshark but it say the packed is malformed ( from plc to UR). I can see also some UDP packet runing around but, if you don’t set correctly the plc it’s not able to get the meaning of them. the forward open message is sened and the adapter send back a message is configured but it doesn’t work. So I thought some communication has been done but not correctly formed.
I’ll try on the robot but I can’t use Siemens as PLC. If there is no chance to do it with ethernet/ip I’ll try with profinet.
Does it working well? I mean the profinet connection?


You can try Ethernet/IP with this tool : https://sourceforge.net/projects/enipexplorer/

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