eSeries Support File Issues

Steps to reproduce:
Plug in USB → Log screen → Support file → Download to USB with a new folder created and renamed → Download.

Expected Behavior:
Support file loading bar starts at 0 and goes to 100. After completion a full support file with flight records are on USB.

Actual Behavior:
This behavior does not occur every time, but I just had four robots that I pulled support files off of separate production robots that the support file had corrupted flight records or robot config file was empty or did not have log history in folders.

Then when loading into UR Log Viewer the log box at the bottom outputs values for warnings and errors that do not match the amount shown in the actual file.

Workaround Suggestion:
Use magic file to get log history.

Robot Serial Number:
2021 eSeries Robots UR10e’s.

Affected Version(s):