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Error during the boot: "codemeter...failed!" - Robotiq URCap

Hi everyone

I have a problem during the boot of the robot, looks like the polyscope did’t start.

The error message that appear during the boot and before a permanent black screen is this one:
“startpar service(s) returned failure: codemeter . . . Failed”

Hope this information can be usefull.
Tell me if you need some more details.

Thanks in advance for the support.

UR does not use codemeter software.
Do you maybe have any other URCaps installed or recently uninstalled any URCaps?

I have installed:
robotiq 2 finger gripper
robotiq torque sensor
robotiq wrist camera

I believe Robotiq use Codemeter software.
Maybe @esamson or @a.mottard can help?

Ok thanks, I will contact them and let you know.

@jbm @Kiuv Yes the licensing systems of the Robotiq Vision uses Codemeter software. The support team will get in touch with you to help you with that.

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