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Editing Poses while running a program

Can I call the ‘Edit Post’ function while running a program to teach a new position?

For example, when I am in the Program tab and not running a program, I can select a Waypoint and click ‘Edit Pose’. This takes me to the move tab and I can drive the robot to a new pose and hit ‘Ok’. I want my program to do guide or prompt the user to ‘Edit Pose’.

Would this be adding a Script? Is there a list of available scripts available to the use?

I don’t believe that is possible to do while the program is running. You could potentially add in a freedrive function to be able to move the robot and have an input tell the robot when stop freedriving and then write the position to a variable position using get_actual_tcp_pose script.
What is the overall goal of your program?

It sounds like what you want to do is set up your program structure and guide the user through to set it up properly the first time and then it will run through from there?

If that is the case, I would just have the structure in place and have some guided popups telling the user what to do at each point in the program.

You cannot edit anything while the program is running. You used to be able to save a modified program while it was running but you can’t even do that any more. :sigh:

If the poses you want to modify are static you could use a Select Case function to select a desired pose or a desired offset amount.

If the poses are dynamic it will be much more difficult. Per dbarton above, I didn’t know you could initiate freedrive while a program is running. Moving then storing the position may be your best option.

More info on what you’re trying to do will help.