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Using an UR10e to push or pull objects

I have an UR10e that I want to use to push/pull a lever as part of the program. This lever can be quite hard to move from the initial position, so I want the robot to be able to use quite much force on it. The least restricted safety limit allows a tool force of up to 250 N, but how is it possible to make the robot use this much force without stopping due to position deviation (C153) or detected collision (C157)?
I understand that the payload has to be adjusted when the robot is lifting objects, but should the payload be adjusted when pushing or pulling objects? Is there a way to temporarily allow this much force for parts of the program, but have lower limits for the rest of the program?

I have done some tests with the force mode, but I’m not sure if this is right for this application. Some times the lever is easy to move, some times it is hard. If a high force is used in force mode and the lever is easy to move, the robot will move right past the desired waypoint that is programmed. If the desired force is to low, the robot will just be standing still against the lever.

Do you have any ideas on how this use-case can be solved?

Best regards,

Martin Ø. C.

Hello @martin.christensen,
I don’t have a solution for you but I would suggest looking into several options:
(in no particular order)
-Try a force move inside an If with check continuously so you don’t overtravel the WP
-Try the set_payload(m, cog) script command to change the payload during the program execution
-Mechanically, can you extend the lever to give the robot better leverage?
-Mechanically, can you activate it with a solenoid (through Digital Out for example) or something similar?

Does anyone else have any ideas?