Dynamic Payload Check


UR eSeries maintains robot integrity by ensuring payloads are accurately setup

What is it?

Universal Robots has made strides to prevent payload related robot failures by adding prompts to a ‘zero payload’ setup. This goes further by ensuring payloads are accurately setup during runtime programs or before program starts. This would utilize the force torque sensor to understand the forces seen at the tool flange, it may not be applicable for every application.

Why is it needed?

We commonly see customers who make changes to the robot program or end effector that cause a significant amount of deviation from path or payload warnings. Instead of resolving the issue more often than not they clear the warning and restart the process, keeping production running. Overtime they have hundreds of warnings that have been cleared without any fixes to the program, no matter efforts to prevent this through training, in the field operators/techs focus on production runtime rather than robot health.

An idea would be to track robots with a high number of deviation from path warnings or similar related warnings and add additional support, such as dynamically tracking payload or adding additional warnings to prevent continuous operation with these warnings.