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Dynamic Payload setting in UR E series to pick the dynamic payload


We are working on UR eseries + Vision project for pick and place. There are various product UR needs to pick from the bin. The weight will be not same for all the products. It will vary between 2 kg to 10 kg. Is there is any feature in UR eseries, which we can set it up to a dynamic payload, so it can pick any load ranges 2kg to 10 kg of product.
Is there any script for this feature.


You can refer to the UR script manual and try the “force()” and “zero_ftsensor()” to know the external force on the robot. Then, use the set command to set to the correct payload.

As sya said:

Wait 0.2
Wait 0.2
Var_1 = force()
Var_2 = Var_1/10 //Newton to kg

This should do it. :slight_smile:

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