Double tap runaway jog

Maybe this is a simple thing and I’m just a dub who doesn’t know or remember. I couldn’t find an answer thru searching online.

So…I have a UR10e. It likes to take off if I accidently double tap the jog key just right. It will drive off in whatever direction I tapped for about 3-4 inches. Unless it crashes into something, which in most cases it does. Anyone know how to turn that wonderful little feature OFF?

Haven’t seen this in jog mode yet, but it has started happening in the program tab to the vertical scroll bar:

Tap the up or down arrow just right and it will scroll 'til it hits the end or you stop it.

It’s not a software feature :confused: Possibly there is a hardware issue with touchscreen.

My touchscreen is less than 3 months old and this behavior JUST started. Is there a warranty that, if this is the issue, will cover this?

I think it’s more software than hardware. Or rather, the hardware isn’t faulty, it’s just weak. If you hold to jog, then flood the robot with socket requests, for example, it can’t spare any time to register that you took your finger off. So it just keeps jogging until the other robot comms have cleared. So what’s probably happening with “double tapping” is similar in that it gets stuck trying to process “move forward - stop - move forward - stop” rapidly, in addition to other various things running on the controller. That’s just my guess though.

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It did it again to me the other day. I watched the screen. It showed the arrow grayed out as if I was holding it down. I got it to do it 2 or 3 times. On the third time I touched another part of the screen when it locked up and it seemed to snap out of it.

Someone mentioned maybe it was moisture from my fingers? Either way I’m not liking the responses. It’s a real let down when you watch one of your nice finished parts get dragged accross a table or your vacuum gripper get mangled.

Here is a video of the robot taking off on me. Luckily this time it wasn’t colliding with anything. You can see I’m walking away from the controller but it continues to move up in the Z. I’m so used to it doing this now that I didn’t really react to it.


I’ve had that same ‘runaway’ issue with my second robot. After a day of heavy programming it began to creep on my during teach. A simple reboot would solve the issue.
I used to have a video, but sadly it seems that is lost.

I never had it again once the cell was in production but i would imagine the script to clean up old files might help here.

Below is the custom Magic File I’ve written to remove the .old files. I’ve been told by UR in the past that custom magic files are discouraged, so use at your own risk. I’ve used it, and a few others have as well and haven’t reported anything wrong though.

Now, it just deletes any file that has .old in it’s name, so I’m kinda assuming you don’t have any REAL programs with that in their name. Should only find it as an extension.

I would definitely recommend backing up all your programs with that magic file first, JUST IN CASE, but I ran this on my robot just a bit ago and can confirm all the .old files are gone. In both the root, and any subfolders (and sub folders inside those. It does it recursively).

Magic (1.5 KB)

The forum won’t let me attach the file by itself, so I put it in a zip folder along with the “Backup All Programs” file. If you haven’t used a Magic File before, just copy and paste it to the root of a flashdrive and then insert it into your Teach Pendant. A little red “! USB !” will show up, and eventually a green “< USB” will appear. Don’t remove the flashdrive until you see the green text.

And you’ll want to run them one at a time, so put just the Backup All programs on there, then once it’s done, remove it from the flashdrive and put the removeOld file on there and reinsert it.

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thanks for the file. I will try deleting all the .old files. But honestly I’ve been keeping up with making sure things stay clean. I’d be shocked if I had more than 10 kicking around. I connect to the robot thru FileZilla and I’m constantly backing up my programs and cleaning out the .old files. I change parts that the robot runs almost every other day so I have to keep up with it.

Today I was fine tuning a program I made that uses ActiNav and a Robotiq Hand-E gripper. The robot screen went black and rebooted on me 3 times. Once while setting up a force move. Another crash happened after the robot was running for over an hour unattended. It had a message that said I needed to activate the Hand-E gripper. I pressed continue and then it would just start running again. Did that 3 times over 15 minutes. The third time when I pressed continue the screen went black and it rebooted. Been running fine since. 5 hours and counting.

I’ve been in touch with MyUR and they suggested using a mouse for the jog moves to see if it still sticks. If it still runs off on me then they are probably going to send me a new “software storage device”.

The only times I had that issue was with an older controller box and the data cable from the TP.

Seems the design of the control box is seriously lacking and the plug receptacle for the TP is very loose which causes a short which reboots the TP.

Not saying this is your problem but it might be worth a look. The newer TPs have this cheesy sheet metal bracket that’s supposed to support the plug, and it kind of does, but the whole design wreaks of failure. The base issue is the plug does not go deep enough into the receptacle to make a secure connection.

I checked out the pendant connection. The bracket and plug seem tight and secure. I tried to wiggle them but I couldn’t even get it to shift at all. So I’m assuming that’s not the culprit.

So I haven’t had a chance to catch the robot sticking while using the mouse. I’ve mostly been just running the past few days. But I had more system crashes. (screen goes black and the robot reboots).
Once was while it was running I started to get messages that said I needed to activate my gripper (Hand-E Robotiq). I would just press continue and it would start running right where it left off. Did that about 4 times then black screen and rebooted.
Another time (different program) it had run thru about 12 cycles and then without warning, black screen and rebooted. While it was rebooting it was still running.

The Robotiq gripper UrCaps said the gripper firmware was obsolete. I assumed maybe that was the cause of the sudden reboots. So I updated the gripper thru the pendant using the USB to RS-485 adapter. Once the update was complete I removed the gripper and re-installed it onto the end of the UR10e and reconnected it to the end of arm port. Now the robotiq software cannot find the gripper. I’m stuck at this point. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I’m reaching out in all directions to get this fixed. MyUR, this forum, and now Robotiq.


Dang dude sorry to hear the update bricked it. I hate updating software for exactly that reason. Is there an updated CAP that you need to install as well? Sounds like your best bet will be from Robotiq on that issue though

I was using the most up to date CAP. I got it working finally. Tried rebooting, it said I had no controller. Rebooted again then I had to delete the CAP, reboot, then not load my program but start a new one. Got it working in a new program. Then was able to load my program and now it’s working…lol.
This robot has been a headache for sure. I’ll just keep plugging away until it’s straightened out.