Documentation of URP Generation

We are working with postprocessing from VC to UR.

Does UR have or plan to issue official documentation for generation of URP files?

No, URScript documentation is public, script can be included from URP program.

The format of .urp file is not documented anywhere and to my knowledge there is no plan to do so (there is just not enough demand to justify the effort). You can open a .urp file with some tool like WinRar and unarchive it and view/edit the ascii version of the file. It is basically a proprietary UR format buried within XML.

I know other OLP companies have reverse engineered the format but it does change from time to time.


Hi have you by any change find a package/implementation for postprocessing VC programs to urp programs? or if you have any implementation yourself that can let us access

Thanks for elaborating @bba.

@aliresa.r TLDR Sorry we have nothing ready and will not make a general VC-URP post-processor.

We are working on an integration with VC based Delfoi to go from a Delfoi welding program to an URP file which whill in turn populate custom welding nodes in our intelliwelder urcap to handle most kind of welding movements. Also integrated with either Fronius or Kemppi power sources.


I am currently working on a KEMPPI welding power source integration in my PLC software.

The main idea that i have is to try to use the xml rpc since it is already supported in my welding power source.

I have successfully tested the direct connection between the welding power source and the robot.

Now i am trying to add my plc in between these communications in order to still use the xmlrpc.

i have identified the client as my plc and the server as the welding power source.

Do you have any hints about possible ways to approach this problem?