Docker image universalrobots/ursim_cb3 controller connection issue


I’m trying to run the ursim_cb3 docker image on my windows 11 laptop with docker desktop but I’m unable to get it working.

When I start the container with the following parameters the java application fails to get a connection to the controller.

docker run --rm -p 5900:5900 -p 6080:6080 --name ursim_cb3 universalrobots/ursim_cb3

In Initialization screen it first says disconnected from controller. I can press restart. Afterwards it just shows “NO CONTROLLER” and the button changes to “Start”.

I was able to run the script below to get the simulator running showing “Normal” state, but I was not able to move the robot. Seems in the urcontrol log that there is some problem with a TCP connection.

docker exec -it ursim_cb3 bash -c 'cd /ursim/ && ./ && ./'

Found the image here:

The e-series version seems to work fine.