URControl: Unknown Mutex::Mutex() calling exit (-1)

Hello everyone,

I’ve installed URSim (I’ve tried both the latest 5.XX and 3…XX) on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (not a fresh install) and the program starts but on the Initialisation Screen it says NO CONTROLLER.
When running ./starturcontrol.sh, nothing changes and when running ./URControl directly, it displays

Unknown Mutex::Mutex() calling exit (-1)

I have installed URSim on a fresh install before and it worked after running ./starturcontrol.sh.

Does anyone know what this error means? Looking for it online doesn’t give many results.

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Hi, I am getting the same issue.

When I open URSim, I see the No Controller.

I cannot do anything.

I am using the image: Docker in a macOS.

I am running into the same Error but with the URsim Docker container running on an M1 Pro Macbook.
I would guess that this issue is related to the known problems with running AMD64 Docker images on M1 Macbooks but if it is also happening on Ubuntu20.4LTS it may be something different.
Did you manage to solve this issue? If so, how?
As you pointed out: there is not much information about this particular Error available.

I am on an M3 Macbook Pro. I can run URsim, but the controller stays off and can’t be turned on. I discovered this error when digging through logs at: ursim/URControl.log.

It seems to be related to this issue: