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Difference between actual TCP & client interface TCP

What is the difference between the actual Pendent’s Tcp_pose and the coding’s Actual_Tcp_Pose?



what’s wrong z value?
(Pendent z = 76.19mm , coding z = 0.476191)

the URScript function get_actual_tcp_pose() returns the tcp in base coordinate system. How did you compare this values and which configuration, Feature and which interface did you use?

Sorry for late reply.

After connecting to the robot TCP port 30003, the TCP coordinates of the pendant were obtained through the command

The program has moved the TCP coordinates to the same coordinates.

ex) movej(p[-.492856426337, .235378809462, .287095511177, 1.764327113403, .264580434020, -1.445583560343], a=1.3962634015954636, v=1.0471975511965976)"

what’s wrong?

i’m still confused about your issue.
So you are reading the TCP Data through the real time interface
and compare the actual tcp data of the base feature on the pendant with the data “Actual cartesian coordinates of the tool” (Gnuplot col. 56-61) ? i can’t see a difference. can you explain any further?

As the Doc says the Real Time interface is flagged as “deprecated” which means you con use it but i don’t think will UR will fix any issues on this :wink: