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TCP is not where it should be


I noticed that the 3D visualisation of the TCP on the teaching pendant doesn’t correspond to the numeric definition of the TCP.
It seems to be about a centimeter off.
There is no difference if the TCP is defined by the wizard or numerically.
This offset is also present when fetching the current TCP position in grasshopper.

It is unclear to me where this offset comes from.

In this picture, I defined the TCP as X 0, Y 0 and Z 0, set the current TCP as the default one, and saved the current settings to be sure these values were active.

The teaching pendant software is version

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I want to add to what my colleague Elias posted that the offset and position between the specified TCP and the reported TCP is not constant, it changes with robot movements. This drift happens notably when we rotate Wrist 2.

Is the robot able to continuously reach the specific position in “real space”? If yes, can you offset TCP in X or Y and does it shift that correct amount when going to that waypoint? I would just double check and confirm you are able to consistently repeat position.

The 3d generated Java view is helpful but can also be misleading as it’s orthographic, you can try manipulating the view using the window but I would compare it to looking down the sight of a gun with both eyes open.

I could be wrong and you might have an issue/bug with Polyscope, maybe try restarting the robot. Anyways hope that helps and best of luck!

In addition to what was already posted in this thread-I would recommend updating your Polyscope version if you are currently running 3.4.3 to see if that helps to resolve this.

It is always in your best interest to be running the most recent version of Polyscope as there are many big fixes and improvements since version 3.4.3

Thank you Michael & Tywa!
I updated Polyscope to 3.15, but the issue seems to be still the same.
I hope to test the suggestion of Michael soon, together with setting up a new installation file.