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Determining e-Series vs CB series when UR Cap is loading

Would like to have one urcap file that works well with both. Using html and need different html files for the UI to render decently between the two platforms.

I read this: https://plus.universal-robots.com/media/1810566/urcap_tutorial_html.pdf

Problem seems to be that the getHTML() method get’s called before the createInstallationNode() method and the createInstallationNode() method is where we get the URCapAPI that allows me access to the getSoftwareVersion() method.

Is there another way to get the software version in the getHTML() method or another best practice that allows one HTML based urcap to work well in CB and e-Series robots?



it is possible to use the api provide in the service class of the URCap to read out the major version of the SW. The command would be:

Depending on the result you can either load the eSeries or CB Series Version.

You can take a look at the Localization-URCap Sample for reference.


Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed!! That and Java 8 for the CB platform.