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Choose HTML resource according to software version

Hi all!

With the release of PS 5.0, I noticed some differences about how the UI elements are displayed. The resolution is a bit higher, and HTML elements look a bit different.

I was thinking that for our URCap that was built for PS 3.x, one option to adjust these visual details would be to use a different HTML file for the installation / command screens according to the software version. The problem is that in InstallationNodeService, the method getHTML is called before createInstallationNode, so I don’t have access to the API object at the time when the HTML file is requested, and therefore I can’t get the software version.

Is there any workaround this? Perhaps a way to get the software version in the activator instead? I think that it would be a bit hard to make a single HTML resource look good for both PS 3.x and 5.x.

Thanks in advance!

There is getSoftwareVersion() method in URCapAPI, that you can use. Should be straightforward.

If you bump your API version used to 1.3, you can use URCapAPIFacade.getSystemAPI().getSoftwareVersion() in the getHTML() call.
Since API 1.3 (PolyScope 3.6/5.0) we are able to provide the SystemAPI at the time, where getHTML() is called. This my not be the case on previous versions, where you would use the now deprecated URCapAPIFacade.getURCapsAPI()