Move TCP X, Y, Z remote command

s.send((“movej([-1.200691048298971, -1.6863962612547816, -1.206042766571045,
-1.8198558292784632, 1.5693081617355347, 1.914101481437683],
a=1.200691048298971, v=1.200691048298971)” + “\n”).encode(‘utf8’))

This works great, the robot moves to the sent joint positions. However, I would like to move it with axle coordinates, so I send

s.send((“movep([-0.1, -0.2, -0.24, 0, 0, 0] a=1.200691048298971, v=1.200691048298971)” + “\n”).encode(‘utf8’))

and no movement occurs. Did I miss something?

I think you just forgot the “p” it should be p[-0.1,-0.2,-0.24,0,0,0] for a pose, at least this is how it is shown in URscript manual.

And a comma just before “a=”

ok thanks, so now I send

s.send((“movep(p[-0.06, -0.316, -0.20, 107.8306570, 142.437, 0], a=0.1, v=0.1)” + “\n”).encode(‘utf8’))

and the arm moves, but to a totally unexpected pose? (It’s crashing actually)

I just put in the values where the arm stands before the script started.

Rx/Ry calculation
rad * 180 * 3.145

edit: It’s wrong to convert rad to degrees, but it still doesn’t work
edit2: it seems like it works for small corrections, but I have to use the movej command if I want to move the arm away

You should be able to use joint positions here according to the script manual as forward kinematics will be used if joint positions are used instead of a pose.