Default Security settings will change in upcoming Polyscope 5.14

In order to harden the system and deliver it to the user in more secure state, starting with version 5.14, security settings will be restricted instead of open by default. The ports will be closed by default, services will be disabled, SSH and magic files execution will be disabled. This enhances security out-of-the-box for a user who is not using any of these features. Enabling them (if needed) is easily done in the Security settings.

The changes apply only to newly purchased cobots, and newly created SD-cards with version equal or higher than 5.14. Changes once made in Security Settings (open ports, enabled services, magic scripts, SSH) will persist through software updates. Admin password is needed to enable/disable settings. As always, we strongly recommend to change the default admin password to an own, strong password, and to store it securely. For full guide to secure setup of UR cobots, refer to: Universal Robots - Secure setup of UR cobots

Only Eth0 interface ports are closed by default. Any ports needed by the URCaps (3rd party and UR internal) must be opened if needed. The internal loopback device (lo0) is not affected.


Not a day too soon!

Feature request:
Let the new URCAPX format request modification of firewall permissions during the install of URCaps. Much like our apps on the phone ask us if we would like to “allow access to the camera” etc.


i am against this. we should remove all safety features

please remember that safety and security is not the same thing.