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DataModel: saving parameters when robot is shutdown


when saving and loading parameters/values of URCaps with the DataModel object I’ve made the following

  • If I’m shutting down the robot by using the physical power button on the site of the teach pendant,
    parameters of URCaps are not stored (at least the last set ones are not loaded).
  • If I’m shutting down the robot using the “Shutdown robot” button in UR PolyScope instead, parameters of
    URCaps are storead and loaded correctly after powering the robot back on.

This happens with every URCap, also with the provided samples (e.g. HelloWorld). For loading and storing of URCaps
parameters the DataModel object is used. The code is exactly the same in both mentioned cases above.

So I’m wondering, is this behavior normal? Is there a way to save URCaps parameters also
when the robot is shutdown using the physical power button?

Thank you very much


When referring to shutting down using the power button, are you clicking the button and choosing “Shutdown” or simply holding it down?

Holding down the power button is not a recommended method for shutting down the system. As in this case the system is abruptly terminated, and software processed are not allowed to terminate properly.

Thanks for the replay.
After pressing the power button on the teach pendant I click on the “Shutdown Robot” button on the popup message dialog. The power button is not hold down. Stored settings in the DataModel are not available after reboot when using this shutdown method.