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Dashboard server returns "Failed to execute: play"


I can’t figure out why I can’t ‘play’ my programs…

I am using the Dashboard server interface to connect to URSim running on a Linux box on my network.

I can “load” the programs, and all other commands work normally, but when I send “play”, I get this error.

I thought earlier today that it was because of some variable settings in one of my (urp) programs, but now I can’t play anything.

Can you tell me what can cause that message?


Joe Schroeder


are you using the e-Series URSim and did you activate the Remote Mode?

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Hi. I am using the e-Series 5.7 URSim. It was working earlier in manual mode, but I have tried Remote also.

Is there any way to see the simulation while running in Remote mode?

I have gotten around my immediate problem, by reverting to using the secondary control interface to send scripts, rather than using the dashboard server to ‘play’ (the same) programs.

I keep the dashboard port open, which works well for detecting when the program (or script) has finished.

I still don’t understand why ‘play’ often returns ‘Failed to execute: play’ when I use the latter technique.

What conditions can cause that failure?

If the robot is off it will cause the failure, but since the secondary client interface works that is not your issue.
No program loaded is anothet

If the current program is undefined could cause the issue you are facing.

I have experienced that if your program require a Automove before starting, and your current pose is “far away”(probably closer to another inverse kinematic solution), the Play was failing. Avoiding this can be done by having a relative Waypoint as the first thing in your program.

Thanks. I wondered about that “Automove”… when I start a program with Polyscope, I always have to move to home first…

Is there a setting for that?

Interesting, that I do have one short program that seems to work usually, and it just backs the tool along it’s Z axis by 100mm, using a relative move.


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No, but there is more information about it here:

Hi, @schroeder, @Ebbe

I created the urcap to do this.
If tcp is within condition, robot can move the setting position at first.

Please see here.