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Creating simple timer

I have a CB5 that is being used to dispense glue. I’m trying to setup a timer so we can determine how much time of actual dispensing has been done. Example of what I have:

Before Start
Robot Program
Set Dispense=On
Wait: 4
Set Dispense=Off
Thread _1
If Dispense=True
Wait: 0.1

For some reason I’m getting an extra 0.1 added every time.

By CB5, do you mean e-Series? the older generation of robots running polyscope 3.x are the CB3 series, and a robot running polyscope 5.x is e-Series :slight_smile:

Regarding timers, you dont have to do timer operations in a separate thread. In advanced commands, there is a timer node you can use to time any processes you wish. The timer node allows you to add new timers as well as start, stop and reset any timers you have defined.

Oops, I meant CB3 and we’re running 3.14. I didn’t even notice the timer function. I’ll have to play around with that and see what I can come up with.

Thank you.

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