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Creating a URCap with microscan mv-40 camera

Does anyone have any experience with creating a URCap with microscan mv-40 camera?

The camera comes with 2 versions of software that you are able to use with it, either Visionscape frontrunner or Autovision.

I am trying to create a simple pickup URcap that will detect the object and move right above it and descend downwards, but I am a bit new in developing URCaps and do not know where to start or how the vision software will communicate with the Universal Robot.


Hi @nguyena, are you aware that Microscan already have a URCap that does precisely what you describe? Is there another reason why you’re looking to develop your own?


I can’t seem to find a link to download the URCap but if you contact whoever you bought the camera from they should be able to provide it.

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Hi @ajp , ya I’ve seen the pre made pick up URCap for the microscan. However, the task I am trying to achieve does not work with this URcap.

Ok, what is it that you are trying to achieve that does not work with the URCap?

Do you have that URCap and the associated documentation? It seems to me that that would be a good place to start. You could create a program with that URCap and then examine the script code that is generated by it to understand how it works.

Their documentation shows how to set up the task with visionscape frontrunner not autovision. The URCap doesn’t need to communicate with the PC software, once you’re done with the PC setup the program is downloaded into the camera and the communication is between the smart camera and UR controller.

There is a few things that doesn’t work for the job using their URCap. One of the main things is that the movement between the picture position and to object is a linear way-point to way-point, and the End-effector I am using needs for the robots arm to be directly above the object and move straight downwards. Also, since its a linear movement, there are objects/platforms that the robot collides with in order to pick the object up.

I do have the URCap, and I’ve found the manual to set up the URCap and some manuals online about frontrunner. I do not have the source code for the URCap.

I will need to look more into it, but as of now I don’t know where the script code is and such.

As with any program that you create on the teach pendant, when you save/execute it three files are created - .URP contains everything to allow the program to be loaded up into the GUI again, .TXT is a summary of the program tree, and .SCRIPT is the URScript that is generated from the URP and sent to the controller.

If you inspect the script file you can get an insight into how the URCap works and set up your program in a similar way.

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I wasn’t aware that there was a .SCRIPT file generated and saved onto the tablet.

This is some very valuable information,


Hello @nguyena,

Have you tried reaching out to Microscan to see if they can provide you with a modified version for your needs? The feedback from your application may be a simple change on their end, and help them improve their software for future users.


Sorry for the late reply. @inu I’ve contacted them and it seems that they have a older version of the URCap that sends out the position of the located object through a socket to the UR without then moving towards the object.

However, I decided I would try to create my own approach on how it is done (calibration, setup, etc)

Many thanks.

Hello Ajp,

We recently purchased 2nos. UR10 and 2nos Microscan MV40. I am trying to get the Microscan URCap but not able to find the download link. I contacted UR directly on their website and also Microscan but no one is responding properly. Can you please point me to the right direction.


Hi @c.harish,

Apologies I didn’t see your message, please use the @ mention so the person you’re addressing is notified.

Did you manage to get hold of the URCap? I will reach out to my contact at Microscan to see if he can tell me how they distribute it.

@c.harish you can find the URCap and manual here:


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