Creating a program

I am new to UR Robots and I am looking for advice on creating a program.
I have gone through the online training it really does not address all situtions

I have an oven that parts exit onto a table, the table has a sensor on the Left and Right side of the table to determine where the part is that needs picked up and placed.

What is the beginning command needed so the robot knows where to start. I think that once I get it started I can figure out the rest it’s just i do not want to have any kind of mishap.

I will be using the pendant for programming.

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Based on your question, I’m interpreting that you want to know how to make the decision whether you should pick from the left side or the right side of the table? If so, I think the “Machine Tending” application training module will help you learn how to add decision making to your programs.

Ultimately, you will need to add an if-else node from the advanced tab on the teach pendant, and then configure the appropriate conditions for the if-else statement.

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I watched that, what I also need to know is what would I need for my first step in the program. Do I insure the table sensors are low to show nothing on the bed?

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Unfortunately, I am unable to view your attachments.

Waiting for your table to be empty as the first step will depend on whether you can guarantee it is always empty. If you stop the robot mid-cycle, and parts are left on the table after restarting, the robot will be stuck at the wait statement until the table is empty (unless you program something extra for this scenario).

I think your best bet at this time is to contact the distributor where the robot was purchased, and see what kind of guidance their engineering team can provide. If they need additional assistance, they will reach out to our application engineers.

It sounds like you are pretty new to robots in general, so i will give you some standard practices I use.

I always add a ‘before run’ section::
This section will run anytime the robot is unexpectedly stopped. So I have it check if the robot is in home position, if not, it will move home. It also will turn off any outputs that are used, as some may have been on when the stop occurred.

Next begins the standard job folder, I like to base my UR code off our standard programs used in Motoman, so first thing i do is set a ‘TOP OF MASTER’ output to be high, then i have a wait for a start input signal to come on.

Once the wait comes on, i turn off the “TOP OF MASTER” and proceed to run the job.
Here is where you would have the IF statement;

If Input 1 (Right Side Pickup) ON, run right side stuff. ELSEIF Input 2 (Left side) ON, run left side stuff. ELSE, [Nothing is on] Set alarm output or just return to the top of the job depending how you want to handle that.

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