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Program part detection on conveyor

Is it possible to program a simple conveyor system with the UR controller? I have a conveyor I’d like to program with a proximity sensor at the end of the conveyor, when a part is detected the conveyor stops, the UR robot picks up the part and repeats this process. I have the sensor LED display working when a part is present, connected to DIO1 but having trouble developing the program. When the state is TRUE the robot continues, when FALSE the robot should stop and display a pop-up screen “No Part Detection”…

Hi Antonio, welcome to the forum!

The UR has built-in conveyor tracking so it should be able to handle what you’re trying to do. Look in the Program tab on the teach pendant, under Templates you should find Conveyor Tracking. Check out this guide, it should help you get started.


There’s more info here:


No sure this is what I’m looking for. What about IO part detection with proximity sensors?