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Create linked waypoints using the SDK

Dear UR+ maintainers,

As a UR+ developer, I’d like to have the ability to create linked (fixed) waypoints using the SDK as a user would do manually.
This would help with the automatic generation of program templates that need to move to the same user-defined waypoint more than once during the program execution, giving the user the possibility of using fixed-waypoint features such as Move here, Set position, etc.

Some extra considerations:

  • One possibility that would be backwards compatible could be adding a boolean argument to createWaypointNode method in ProgramNodeFactory. If the argument is true, the method would link the created waypoint instead of changing the suggested name if a waypoint already exists with the same name.
  • The original post with some more details and a workaround can be found here. As of API 1.7, creating a combination of fixed and variable waypoints could be a workaround for simple use-cases, but having the ability to create linked waypoints would be more convenient and consistent to the end-user.

Finally, please let me know if you need more details or clarifications about the feature request.
Thanks in advance!