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Copy plane between installations

Title says it all, is there any way to copy a plane feature from one installation file to another?

This seems impossible. If you want to using that plane then why not using installaion with plane you want.

I have multiple installation files that I want to combine into a single one. Most of the installation files have at least one plane. My choices are to create a new plane in the installation file that I want, or copy a plane over. Didn’t know if that was possible.

This is not possible. A plane is really just stored as a pose variable type so if you are using the latest version of e-series polyscope you can just write down the value and then use ‘edit’ under a point feature to manually transcribe the values of the pose of the original plane. Not elegant but possible.

This is on a CB series. I don’t like that in the plane wizard there’s no “edit pose” like on a waypoint. I’m forced to move to the spot and then do “set position” or whatever it is.

The variables would be great because everything is relative to the same base-plate that everything’s mounted to, but it doesn’t seem like there’s an easy way to see that.