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Set plane pose at runtime


I’ve defined a plane feature so that I can define waypoints relative to this plane. However, I want to be able to dynamically change the pose of this plane during runtime as part of an alignment procedure. My hope is that the waypoints I previously defined relative to this plane will still be usable once I’ve aligned to a new plane with a slightly different pose.

At the moment, when I change the pose of my plane using a script, the change is not reflected in the installation->feature section of polyscope.

Any help is appreciated!


Any Features setup in the Installation (default) will remain. any adjustments made when the program runs are only temporary and will be lost (return to default) when the program is re run.

The same can be said for any variables.

Sorry if its not the answer you were looking for

Hope this helps

One possible solution is to save the new plane position as an installation variable. In your before start sequence you could redefine the feature using the installation variable.