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Connecting physical robot to VM

I’m trying to connect a UR5e directly to my PC (no other network connection, wifi, router etc) and talk to it from a VM.
The host machine is running Windows 10, the VM is set up with a bridged adapter and I can ping host to vm and vice versa.
When I go to check/set the IP address on the robot it says “Not connected to network!”. And the IP address field, Subnet mask and Default Gateway all change to

I assume that this has something to do with Windows network configuration. Has anyone experienced this issue before and/or can help?


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i am not sure, but i can try to help you, because i had same problem.

I am also running VM on Windows 10 and try using ROS in VM as “talker”.

in short. i connect my ur5 with Ethernet to my PC.
Then check IP-Adress from the robot.
VM Network setting have to be set to Bridged networking and choose your Ethernet port in Name.
Then in VM setting make ipv4 change Ip-adress to Manual and type Robot-Ip, but change the last numbers.
then turn on/off your network in VM, to be sure, that changes are accepted.
then try to ping.

See this video, that can also help Configuring UR5 with ROS - YouTube

If i understood your problem false, just delete my comment =)

Hi Dennis,

You just set your VM to “host only” and then you can get an IP directly with DHP setting.

Follow this manual in P17. here: