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Connect UR with Keyence PLC(KV-8000) through EtherNet/IP

I’m a beginner. I want to connect the Keyence PLC(KV-8000) through EtherNet/IP. I tried to follow this.


But it will always show “Protective stop” C207A0: Fieldbus input disconnected after I tried to run the program. I checked Ethernet/IP adapter in the installation is connected.

It might be a simple problem about connections or set-up.
Does anyone have experience like this?

Please advice

Hi @k.nattaphat ,

Did you remember to run the PLC program?

If you play the robot program but do not play the PLC program, you will get that C207A0.

Let me know whether this could solve your program.


Thank you for your reply.

I tried to run the PLC program follow that document already. But that’s not work. I set everything follow that the document also. Can you suggest me some simple PLC program for UR?

Thank you

Hi @k.nattaphat ,

Is your robot CB3 or e-series?

I tried the PLC program according to the document and it could work well so I have no idea why you cannot run it successfully if you are sure running the PLC program already.

The attachment is the Robot program that I use to test the linked article you gave. Perhaps, you can try it to see whether it is helpful.

UR_Program_EIP_Test.zip (13.0 KB)

Hi @sya

Thank you very much. I will try it again.

Best regard